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Sister Summer

Dear Mother Summer,

My loyal friend,

My sacred sister,

You are my place of worship.

You feed my soul

With your joyful sun,

Your rhythmic waves,

Your soaring birds,

Your warm caressing sand between my toes.

I bow in gratitude

And humility

To your earth fully in blossom,

And your oceans teaming with life.

When I am not living in alignment with your seasons,

When my hand slips out of yours,

When I can’t hear the beat of your heart,

I see less, I feel less, I am less.

You, Great Mother, slow my spin,

You dissolve my complex world into

Simple streamlined geometric shapes.

I understand you, and you, me.

You gently nudge me, like a nurturing mother deer,

Towards a spiral path.

You light up the circular stepping stones

With the last golden rays of your long summer’s day.

You lead me all the way back.

Back to myself.

You welcome me home.


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