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Weaving the Red Thread

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This retreat will take place over the new year, but we are rebelling against the linear Gregorian calendar and the expectations of the normal 'New Year's Eve'.

We are re-imagining a more devoted and divine way to unfold into the new year. We are dreaming up a new way.

Join us to return to a more ancient and cyclical way of marking time. The Celtic calendar that is based on the beautiful magic that resides within the female body. A way that honours and mirrors the needs of our cyclical bodies.


We will ‘winter’ together as an intimate group of 13 women. As a circle of sisters over the new moon, we will harness the power of our menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle. We will remember that our bodies are our greatest teachers.


This is how we will welcome in 2025.


Under the guidance of animist artist, Tor Woven, we will each weave red threads on a loom into a beautiful and sacred womb wrap to hold us throughout our cyclical lives and as a talisman for claiming our sovereignty.


Under guidance of yoga teacher Sherin, we will move and flow and breathe and dance. You will be bathed in sublime poetry, entrancing music, earthy aromas, healing meditations, and crystal and oracle card altars.


Together, we will remember that being in circle together as women – in nothing but our whole truth – is necessary and healing. 


We will remember what it feels like to return home to love. 


We will remember what it feels like to truly rest in the mystical wintery natural world around us, re-sensitising ourselves to the rich, fertile and complex soil beneath our feet, to the cool sacred waters of the Hawkwood spring, the ancient woodland, and to all the be-ings amongst us.


If this calls to your body, then drop us an email to take up your place as 1 of the 13 women: and 

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With our work may we soften the straight lines of patriarchy, spin them into spirals, and weave them into love...