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Queen Beech

By Sherin Shefik

Some say you were one of the last

Native species to colonise Britain.

But when you arrived

You really did arrive

Pushing everyone else off their royal pedestals.

You did not doubt your soul’s purpose

Or quiver at your own shadow.

You colonised the

Wet fertile British soils.

You trusted that it was your time

To rise up, to rein, and to rule.

You lay your magisterial roots

Deep and interconnected.

You stood rooted

And wise

And learned.

So poised and strong

That the patriarchy could not

Take your power away from you

Even with their blooded chainsaw.

You made yourself a crown

A dense halo with layer upon layer of

Shimmering emerald jewels

Towering above and beyond

All other living species.

And there you remain

In your equitable throne.

Long live

Your Royal Highness Queen Beech.


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