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Hawthorn Vogue

By Sherin Shefik


May I just say that

Your outfit changes this year

Have been absolutely fabulous.

I loved the way you dressed

This spring

Draping fine white platinum jewellery

All over your body

And coating icing sugar dust

All over your densely packed twigs.

Girls looked up to you

As their style icon

As they wandered beneath

Your fairy blossom

And waited for brother wind to blow

Your white jewels into their long hair

Healing their young green hearts

As you serenaded them with your

prolifically flowery and sun-filled perfume.

Effortlessly transitioning to summer

You trailblazed that

light, healthy, medicinal salad vibe

With your deeply lobed leaves

In not one, not two, but three

Curvaceous segments

Lobes pointed with just a few

Tiny teeth near the apex

And a few tufts of

Perfectly straight silky hair.

Oh autumn


Was front-cover-Vogue-material

When you were pregnant with berries

Knocking the socks off

Chanel and Dior’s designer lipstick stand

With your shape-shifting shades of autumn

Showing off your versatility

From the darkest of bloodshot red

To rebel

To puckered kiss

To divine wine

To roasted red

All the way through to darkening maroon

And mad for mauve.

You generously provided

That motherly feast for your

Countless blue tit and robin fans

That were non-stop pestering you

For a twiggy autograph.

You let the birds messily

Gobble up

That berry-licious smoothie

Smug with your cleverly hidden

Hard cased seed in the centre

So your lipstick babies

Will be birthed everywhere and anywhere

Just in time for Fasion Week next year.

Simply divine


And in winter

You walked down that dramatically lit catwalk

Stark naked

Covered in countless sharp spikes

Etching your epic silhouette

In the twilight sky.

Jaw droppingly

Powerful in your vulnerability

Showing the world how you are

Getting ready to birth Spring again.

And the only hint of red in this winter season

Was the blood of those that

Pricked their finger

On your thorns

As you warned them that

your flesh

Was not for the taking…

Absolutely fabulous



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