Yoga Classes 

Sorry but no classes on:

YIN (Sundays) = 28 Nov 2021

FLOW (Mondays) = 1 Nov 2021

Join yoga teacher Sherin for regular yoga classes:
  • You-Time Yin Yoga | Sundays at 19:00-20:00 | Martyr Worthy Village Hall 
  • Fluid Flow Yoga | Mondays at 17:30-18:30 | Martyr Worthy Village Hall 


The Sunday evening class is a gorgeously relaxing and meditative yin yoga session to beautiful soothing music to slow down, connect to yourself, and experience deep rest and healing. We will hold floor-based postures for long periods of time to target your connective tissue.

Venue: Martyr Worthy Village Hall



The Monday evening class is an open-level vinyasa flow yoga class. Classes will be theme-based (e.g. intention setting, gratitude, present moment etc), and will include pranayama (breath work), flowing vinyasa asanas (physical movement), and a deeply nurturing and poetic savasana (relaxation at the end).

Venue: Martyr Worthy Village Hall


All classes are £8.

First class is half price (use discount code 'firstclass').