Yoga Classes 

Join yoga teacher Sherin for regular yoga classes:
  • You-Time Yin Yoga | Sundays at 19:00-20:00 | Martyr Worthy Village Hall 
  • Fluid Flow Yoga | Mondays at 17:30-18:30 | Martyr Worthy Village Hall 
  • Poetic Yoga | last Wednesday of every month at 20:00-21:00 GMT | ONLINE permanently




The Sunday evening class is a gorgeously relaxing and meditative yin yoga session to beautiful soothing music to slow down, connect to yourself, and experience deep rest and healing. We will hold floor-based postures for long periods of time to target your connective tissue.

Venue: Martyr Worthy Village Hall



The Monday evening class is an open-level vinyasa flow yoga class. Classes will be theme-based (e.g. intention setting, gratitude, present moment etc), and will include pranayama (breath work), flowing vinyasa asanas (physical movement), and a deeply nurturing and poetic savasana (relaxation at the end).

Venue: Martyr Worthy Village Hall



This monthly online class is a delicious melting pot of poetry AND yoga. The first course is some very gentle vinyasa flow movements to stretch out your stiff muscles. The second course is some deeply relaxing yin postures. The final dessert course is a delicious nurturing savasana. The icing sugar on top is that all these courses will be dusted with sublime and inspirational poetry. We focus on a different poet each class.

Venue: ONLINE permanently


All classes are £8.

First class is half price (use discount code 'firstclass').

  • Give yourself the gift of one hour to slow down, connect and rest.

    8 British pounds
  • Open-level vinyasa flow class to help you stretch, breathe and connect

    8 British pounds
  • ONLINE gentle yoga soaked in poetry (last Wednesday of every month)

    8 British pounds

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















ZOOM instructions

Instructions for ONLINE classes via Zoom:


  • Booking: You need to book and pay online via this website. The Zoom link is included in the confirmation email that you receive after payment. Please click on this link a few minutes before the scheduled start of class. If you would like me to send you the recording of the class afterwards, just let me know in the notes section of your order. 


  • Households: You only need to pay once for one household (so if you want to drag your children, partners or pets along for free, that's great).


  • Microphones: When you enter the zoom room, your microphone will be on. We will say hi, and then I will mute you all during our practice to increase sound quality. If you need to get my attention whilst you are muted, just type in the chat box, wave at the screen or What’s Ap me on 07976606696.


  • Video: In the top right corner of the screen, you will be able to choose how you would like to view the class. I suggest you click on ‘speaker view’ so you can see me fully, rather than watching each other. I also invite you, if you feel comfortable, to keep your own video on throughout the class. This encourages self-accountability and stops you from wandering off to play with your dog.


  • You’ll need: a yoga mat and two bed/sofa pillows. Perhaps you could also light a candle to make your space more sacred, and bring a blanket for relaxation at the end, any other yoga props that you already own.


  • Music: Once we start the class, I will send you a link to my Spotify playlist in the chat box so you can sync up to my playlist on your own audio device. I recommend having the Spotify volume toggle in the middle. Apologies if you don’t have Spotify: practising in silence is also lovely.


  • Remember to breathe, don’t take it too seriously, and treat yourself with respect and love...

COVID safe

The in-person yoga classes are Covid-19 safe, and the following measures will be in place:

  • The venue will be cleaned before and after use.

  • The numbers of attendees will be restricted so there will be plenty of space between each mat.

  • Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one. If you don’t have your own mat, you can borrow one of mine. I will bring a few spare mats and they will all be properly sanitised.

  • Please bring your own blanket and any other props you like (e.g. block, belt) if you own them. If you don’t have your own blanket or props, you can borrow mine. I will ensure that all blankets and props are cleaned before and after your use.

  • I will bring hand sanitiser, and there will be soap in the bathroom for washing hands.

  • I will not do any hands-on adjustments.

Address: Martyr Worthy Village Hall, Church Lane, Martyr Worthy, Winchester SO21 1DY

Parking: Free parking available on Church Lane. Please drive down the lane, turn around, and then park tightly against the Church wall. Please do not park in the trackway/footpath adjacent to the village hall.