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Feminine Medicine


My heart is overflowing with joy to be able to invite you to a very special deep-dive all-inclusive 10 day retreat on the magical island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.


We will form an intimate group of women. And together, as a circle of sisters, we will remember our own medicine. We will remember that our bodies are our greatest teachers. We will remember that sitting in circle together in our whole truth is necessary and healing. We will remember what it feels like to trust each other, inspire each other, and empower each other. We will remember what it feels like to be truly present, senses heightened, and immersed in nature. We will remember what it feels like to return home to love.


We will re-sensitise ourselves to the mystical natural world around us, to the jungle sounds enveloping us, to the land beneath our feet, and to the turquoise glistening oceans surrounding us. We will drop out of our over-thinking-minds, and into our wise, wild and free bodies. We will allow our own bodies to guide us towards our unique true north.


Each retreat is unique as the themes and energy emerge from the group, but essentially our time together will be a blend of vinyasa flow and yin/restorative yoga, embodied intuitive movement, ecstatic dance, mystical poetry, breathework, enchanting music, journalling, earthy aromas, nature bathing, sauna/steam and ice bath, women's circle around the fire, healing meditations, crystal and oracle card altars, trekking in a marine national park archipelago, snorkelling, ocean heart ceremony, Thai massages, Thai markets, freshly prepared locally sourced plant-based meals, and luxurious accommodation to hold the weight of your queen body as you rest deeply.


We will hold sacred space in the most beautiful yoga shala I have ever since, as well as stunning community space around the fire pit, each with views across the jungle and glistening oceans and marine national park archipelago in the distance.


We will be gifted the famous Thai sunsets every single day, where the sky bursts with bright peach, pink and purple colours.

And the icing on the cake is that the soulful and talented Toni will be joining as co-facilitator (@feed_me_momma and @nurture_the_soul_retreats). She will help me hold space, send you off on shamanic meditation journeys, and nourish you with reiki induced savasanas. 

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The programme will include (I only invite in external facilitators if I have already personally worked with them and want to share their magic with you):


  • Yoga and intuitive movement. Each day, we will focus on a different chakra, starting from base chakra all the way up to crown chakra. We will invite in the energies of the associated colours, elements (fire/water/earth etc), and spirit animals.

  • Meditation, story-telling, journaling, deep rest.

  • A beautiful breathework session with experienced facilitator. I have personally experienced this and it was nothing short of life-changing.

  • A sensual dance circle with soulful and spiritual Turkish belly dancer that will invite us to connect to all our female ancestors that danced before us.

  • Kirtan (community music and singing) with talented musicians and singers. Be warned, you may enter such a state of divine bliss, that you cannot stop smiling for days.

  • Boat trip to a marine national park archipelago for a trek with stunning views and opportunity to snorkel and kayak through bright turquoise waters with multicoloured fish.

  • Outing to buzzing Saturday local Thai night market for authentic street food and shopping (I bought so many beautiful things last time I went, I struggled to fit them in my suitcase).

  • There are multiple ecstatic dance events every week all over the island. The island has a magnetic heartbeat that just makes you want to dance. We will either go to an ecstatic dance event or two, or I will bring facilitators in to host at our own venue.

  • Ocean heart ceremony.

  • Steam room and ice bath (on site at the venue).

  • Stunning fresh, local, sustainable, plant-based, organic food. The dinners that we will eat at the venue will be three course dinners from farm to table, and special final meal together with a 7 course vegan tasting menu in special jungle location.

  • Fresh coconut water every day.


The venue is an utterly breath-taking sanctuary called The Source between the jungle and the Gulf of Thailand. It exists in harmony with the land and it is a place for intimate connection with nature’s wisdom. It is a place to listen. A place to follow the golden threads of your inspiration. A safe space to feel deeper into your authentic self.


This sanctuary is amongst untouched nature at the heart of the Koh Phangan, 5 minutes from a waterfall, and shielded by trees, bathed in the sounds of the jungle.

Nestled in the heart of the retreat centre is the yoga shala. It took my breath away when I first saw it. It is around 130m2, with high quality hardwood floors, and expansive panoramic sunset view of the ocean and archipelago on the horizon.

Sing under the moon light at the fire circle, relax in the woodfired sauna, or rejuvenate in the spring water ice bath.


Koh Phangan isn’t only staggeringly beautiful, it has also become a mecca in Asia for curious open people looking to heal, to learn, to move, and to grow - physically and spiritually.


With world class teachers, healers and musicians on the island, and a supportive and active community, there is no end to the activities on offer.




  • The venue has nine bungalows with the possibility of single occupancy (double bed) or shared occupancy (twin beds). All are beautifully designed using passive cooling for luxury in a natural setting. The rooms feel cosy but deeply connected to the jungle.

  • All bungalows have mountain or sea views, and are equipped with fans, a private bathroom, and hot water from the mountain spring.

  • There are nine bungalows altogether: five sunset bungalows and four deluxe mezzanine bungalows.

  • The venue has everything you need for the best night’s rest that only nature can provide.

Sunset Bungalows

£1,950 per person
All Inclusive
Single Occupancy

The sunset bungalows are located on the hillside with a stunning panoramic sunset view.

All sunset bungalows have a private bathroom and a desk.

As the sunset bungalows are smaller in size than the deluxe mezzanine bungalows, I am offering these five sunset bungalows as single occupancy only (double bed).

Deluxe Mezzanine Bungalows

£1,750 per person
All Inclusive
Shared Occupancy

The deluxe mezzanine bungalows include a bedroom, living room, and a big terrace with sunset or mountain view.

Mezzanine style rooms allow for maximum comfort and space to relax.

As the mezzanine bungalows are bigger, I am offering these bungalows as shared occupancy only (twin beds).

I have three deluxe mezzanine bungalows for guests, so that's space for six women that are happy to share a large two-storey space with a fellow sister.