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Rowan and Ash's Sacred Union

By Sherin Shefik

Ash fell inlove with Rowan

At first sight

She was small but bold

With such powerful personal energy

A beautiful open domed crown

Covered in white floral and red berry patterns.

When Ash was near Rowan

He felt this denseness and dizziness

In her divinatory atmosphere.

And her hands

Oh my

Her hands

They were the same as his

Compound and pinnate

Five to eight fingers on each.

He blushed with pride when he heard

That the eagles call her

Mountain Ash.

Because she prefers the altitude

Where everything is wild

And she looks a bit like Ash himself.

He nicknamed her

The Lady of the Mountains.

Ash lowered his branches to her

Knowing that she knew what he was going to say

And then he took a deep breath

And asked for her leaf in marriage.

She nodded without hesitation

And their leaves burst into glittering

Dewy tears of joy and devotion and union.

All the river cults came to watch in awe

They bowed down to their ancient sun goddess Rowan

As she floated down the aisle

The river parting in her wake

Thousands of songbirds flocking to her

And singing at the tops of their little lungs.

Ash felt safe with Rowan by his side

As he clutched her night walking stick which

Protected him against bad luck

Protected him against darkness.

Rowan felt safe with Ash by her side

As he held the ancient keys to universal truth

To the inter-connectedness of everything.

The fingered leaves of rowan and ash

Intertwined in sacred ceremony.

She smeared her thick shiny

red berry blood

her onto his bark.

And in return he gave her

A key to his bright green beating heart

And their bond was made forever.

As they say in Scandinavia

The first woman was born from Rowan uterus

And the first man born from Ash seed.

So together

They bred a forest.


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