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Learning about yin and yang energy from my cat…🐾

I have unwavering respect and admiration for my cat Palmerston (retired Foreign Office Chief Mouser @diplomog with over 112,000 twitter followers).

One thing that inspires me so profoundly is the way his yin and yang energies are so perfectly balanced. And he is not even trying

He doesn’t book an hour out of his yang day so that he can give permission for his yin energy to surface in a yoga class. He doesn’t need to bother lighting a candle and having a bath to surrender to the deep feminine energies within his soul. He doesn't need a motivational speaker to help boost his confidence...

He just is both the masculine and feminine. He embodies the perfect balance of yang and yin – both the light and the shadow sides of these energies – and he does so effortlessly.

Palmerston hunts and kills other animals (pretty much daily). He does so with such grace and beauty and confidence and intuition and knowingness and poise, that it is (morbidly) fascinating to observe. This is so despite the fact that I am a veggie and obviously do not condone the killing of innocent animals. But I watch him in awe as his determined and strong yang energy flows through his body as he makes his carefully calculated fatal blow.

But then after the kill, he does the sweetest little yin meow, asking me to lie down (anywhere will do). Then he lies on my chest, touches his perfect teddy bear nose against mine to say ‘I see you’, then purrs through my whole body as I stroke his beautiful silk-soft fur.

I feel this deep sense of enchantment as I listen to all the messages he brings me from the animal kingdom and the ancestors whispering in the wind. I can actually feel the endorphins flow through my body. I open my heart chakra and envelop him with a deep unconditional love. He does the same to me. This is epic yin. This is yin energy at its purest.

And then he is off (yang) hunting again. Just like that...

All I can say is that it’s no wonder the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats…


Sherin xxx



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