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Sister Spring

Have you really seen that dense pale pink rose bud?

I ask you.

Humbly revealing the

Great Mother’s annual reincarnation.

Have you really heard the blackbird singing symphonies to

Its giggling chicks tucked up in that cosy twig nest?

I ask you.

Humbly revealing the

Majestic magnificence of Mother Nature’s cyclical revival.

Doesn’t it make you want to cry?

Tears of euphoria and wonder,

To know that there is

A sublime and marvelous order

And it is opening and birthing right there in front of you.

Right here, actually.

Look! And you will see.

It’s the spinning wildly

Round and round in the newly green meadow

And the falling down laughing,


Dizzy with Gaia’s effortless rebirth.


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