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Raising our vibrations…

When two or more of us gather, our capacity to raise our vibration to a higher, calmer plane multiples exponentially.

For me, the raising of our vibration through an in-person yoga class or retreat is tangible. I can see it. I can feel it.

This is one of the things that I have missed most during all these lockdowns.

When people first walk through the door at the beginning of a yoga class, their faces are often stressed and tight. There is then that precious moment when we say ‘namaste’ to each other at the end of the practice. We are acknowledging the energy that we have birthed together. It is in this moment that I look into people’s faces and see that the complexity of life has melted and revealed the true essence of their heart and soul.

The true essence is that life – at the end of the day – really is just so simple. The true essence is that we are all just love and light.

That is why I teach yoga.

It is nothing but the greatest privilege to see that almost magical softening and illumination in people’s faces when they leave my classes or retreats.

It is evidential proof to me that when we turn on our light together, we can raise our vibration...

And what if that vibration did more than just reconnect us to our sense of self and soul? What if the vibration impacted on everyone close to us (our families, our pets, our work colleagues etc)? What if the vibration extended out to our communities? What if the vibration that we create together is actually raising the vibration of this earth that we call our home?

Love and light,

Sherin xxx



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