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Residential Retreats




A retreat is permission to ‘vacate’ our ordinary consciousness and slip into the mystical part of our nature so we can re-connect to the sacred within us and all around us. That is why I am devoted to regularly attending and hosting retreats, as I believe they are essential to our spiritual and mystical well-being.


We all need help to take ourselves away from everyday living, where we lean towards equating productivity to success and self-worth (a product of the patriarchy). My retreats are a holistic and powerful all of body, mind and spirit revival that help women slow down and inhabit the yin space in our bodies and retrieve the beauty, the magic, the pleasure, and the love that live in our feminine centres. 


We will bath in divine feminine energy so that our inner compasses can remember which way is our true north. We will re-sensitise ourselves to the mystical natural world around us, and to the land beneath our feet. We will drop out of our over-thinking-minds, and into our wise, wild and free bodies. We will submerge into our inherent softness and tenderness, and collectively raise our vibrations.


Each retreat will combine gentle vinyasa flow yoga, yin and restorative yoga, embodied intuitive movement and dance, inspiring mystical poetry, earthy scents, ancient forest bathing, exercises to connect with nature, healing meditations, oracle cards, crystal altars, freshly prepared locally sourced plant-based meals, luxurious accommodation, and an option to book therapists whose expertise and intuition will ensure that you will receive exactly what you need.


I have hosted 15 residential yoga retreats so far in Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Dorset and the Lake District and each one was rated 10/10 for overall enjoyment.

All-inclusive prices range from £360 (day student) to £650 (luxury double ensuite room for single occupancy).

Retreats always sell out quickly so please book early to avoid disappointment.