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The Oak Love Affair

By Sherin Shefik

That day

When the veils between your world

And mine

Were thin.

That day

You invited me to be your Queen

And I hummed


That day

You gave me permission to

Run my fingertips over your bark


Exploring those wounds and scars

You wear with such sturdy grace.

That day

You pulled me close

And my heart chakra

Unfurled like a fern as we connected

Pouring into you like spilled green paint.

That day

You showed me how there was absolutely

No reason to rush

As we bathed in the glory of

Your one thousand years of

Slow and steady and strong.

That day

You peered into my soul

And did not judge me

Nor assess which bits of me you liked and

Which bits you would change

You just accepted me whole.

With all my imperfections.

That day

I will never forget.


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