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Sister Winter

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

How did we get

To this urban masculine jungle

To this polluted conveyor belt

To this capitalist hamster wheel?

How did we forget

The feeling of sticky mud

Sweltching under our feet

Building up around the edges of

Our contoured boots

Making each step heavier and heavier?

How did we forget

The feeling of the rain battering us

From 360 degrees

So wild that it felt like

It was coming up from the ground

As well as down from, and around,

The whole space of the sky?

How did we forget

To connect to the Great Mother’s winter

To embrace her frost with reverence

To embrace this precious time for healing?

How did we forget that

We need time to rest

We need time to soften

We need time for stillness.

How did we forget that

Playing in the fairy snowflakes

Amongst the evergreen pine trees and

Listening to the crackling of that fire

Is part of our cyclical soul?


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