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Sister Autumn

You are sitting in an autumnal wood

Minding your own business

Listening to the rustle of the scorched amber mulch

Watching the burnt red trees dance in the wind.

When suddenly, with no warning,

You hear the trees whispering to you.

You can feel their roots connected under your feet

Intricate beyond words,

You can hear them communicating their wisdom with all living things

In the shadows under the damp soil all the way up through into the open crisp blue skies and beyond…

The trees elegantly manoeuvre their branches – orchestrated by Goddess Wind – and

Reveal the blueprint of their leaves,

Exposing their sacred patterns and faces and ancient symbols

On the brown mossy scales of their bark.

Your eyes grow wider as the

Seemingly random patterns of the universe

No longer seem random anymore.

The glittering trees are inviting you

Into the embrace of the Great Mother’s womb

Into a deeply connected life

Into a way of living in unison

With her cyclical natural rhythm

You accept the invitation – flowing with grace – and

Bow in awesome deference.


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