The majestic turtle


Finally I found him

The ancient guru of the ocean

The one and only.


I was delirious with excitement

About meeting him

I did not mean to harass or hunt him down


I was breathing too fast

Flapping my limbs too clumsily

Hair flaring over my eyes wildly.


He was unaffected, of course,

By our encounter

He did not bat an armoured eye lid.


He was blissfully unaware of his own magnificence

Time passing through water

He was mediation in motion.


Hypnotised by his alarming beauty

His home

A watercolour palette of browns, yellows and turquoise.


His ores rhythmically swiping through the water

By unconscious choice

I was forced to mimic him

Uncharacteristically elegant.


It was the pull of him knowing what was right

And for those moments

I knew what was right too.